perimeter control

The term SWPPP doesn’t typically make its way into everyday conversation. Even in the construction field people would rather ignore it rather than understand it. Having been in the industry for 8 years, it is my opinion that the root of the issue is exposure. 

Most people know what a storm drain inlet looks like and appreciate the fact that it makes the storm water disappear, that’s where their understanding ends. The majority of the public don’t realize the impact  storm water has on the bodies of water spread throughout the state. Can you fault them though? When was the last time anyone remembers learning about the impacts of storm water? The cities have been making efforts to educate not only adults, but they have started doing events for the kids. It is steps this that give us a bigger platform and that’s what we need.

The individuals that are most effected by SWPPP regulations are the owners. The goal being pushed all across the country is to save our water. The vast majority of people don’t understand that about 60% of the pollutants in our rivers come from construction site storm water runoff. A lot of the people don’t care because the regulations slow them down and cost them money. As with any involvement with a government body there is just so much disconnect between the regulating body and the contractor or public.

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