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As a builder in Utah or Idaho, you may know that local and state regulations require you to undertake methods to prevent erosion such as using erosion control blankets, but you may not understand exactly how they work or why it’s important to hire a professional to do the job. The experts at Erosion Control Services explain the details and specifics surrounding using erosion blankets in Utah and Idaho.

What Is an Erosion Control Blanket?

An erosion control blanket is a tool designed to prevent soil from washing away from a hillside, slope or other area. Erosion blankets can be made of natural or synthetic materials. They help protect the land you’re working on as well as the local water supply.

Why Are Erosion Blankets Important?

You can easily find erosion control blankets at big box and home improvement stores. These are designed for residential and light commercial use for landscaping purposes. Without an erosion blanket, the seed you plant at your home or at the home or office of your client can be entirely washed away during the next rainstorm if it is on an unprotected slope.

However, the type of erosion control blankets Erosion Control Services uses in Utah and Idaho are more specialized. They are designed to prevent not only erosion of soil, but also issues with runoff that could potentially pollute local streams and the water supply.

Not only do erosion blankets help prevent this from occurring, but they also facilitate the growth of vegetation. Plants work to hold soil in place and stop it from washing away. An erosion control blanket lends a helping hand during the growing process, then it eventually disintegrates, leaving behind an attractive, protected landscape.

Can I Just Order One and Lay it Down Myself?

While DIY erosion control blanket installation is appropriate at your own home or as part of a small landscaping project, it’s best not to undertake this job if you’re operating a construction business in Utah or Idaho unless you have a professional installer on board.

The reason is that the stormwater pollution protection plans in Utah and Idaho are quite specific and must be followed to the letter of the law. Failure to properly follow these rules can result in the government levying fines and penalties against your company.

For instance, your project in Utah or Idaho may require certain types of erosion blankets based on the degree of slope, soil type, expected rainfall, etc.

Further, proper installation is more involved than just rolling the erosion blanket out. You must ensure that it makes firm contact with the soil at all points, that it is fastened down properly and that if trenches are needed, they are dug in the correct places.

Experts in Erosion Control in Idaho & Utah

When you need to be sure your building company is in compliance with SWPPP regulations, rely on the experienced team at Erosion Control Services. Professional installation of erosion control blankets for your Utah or Idaho job will help ensure your project is a success.

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