Erosion Control Services is now a certified disadvantaged business enterprise (DBE) in Utah

Erosion Control Services has been working with companies in Utah for almost 10 years, and in that time we have helped many Utah businesses with their erosion control needs. We’re certified stormwater pollution prevention plan (SWPPP) professionals with deep ties to the local Utah building community.

Recently, Erosion Control Services became a DBE, or a disadvantaged business enterprise.

What it Means to be a DBE

The Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program through the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) is intended ensure that all businesses, including those that are small, women-owned or minority-owned have an equal chance to compete for UDOT contracts. Ultimately the goal is for UDOT and the Utah Transit Authority (UTA) to have access to the highest quality goods and services, and be able to get those at the best price for taxpayers.

To become a DBEa company must first meet these three requirements:

  • A minimum of 51% control by women, minorities, or others who face “economic obstacles in the marketplace”
  • Owners’ personal net worth is below $1.32 million
  • Classified as a small business according to the Small Business Administration’s guidelines

The next step for businesses that meet these qualifications is to fill out an application and complete an onsite interview with someone from the Utah Unified Certification Program. If approved, the DBE will be part of the state database for contracts through entities like UDOT and UTA.

In addition to UDOT and UTA, disadvantaged business enterprise companies can bid for contracts like the current Salt Lake City Department of Airports, including the current Terminal Redevelopment Project at Salt Lake International Airport.

Overall, the goal of applying and being certified as a DBE is to increase the opportunities that Erosion Control Services has to participate in state, local, and federal contracts.

What it Means for Erosion Control Services

Since 2011 our team has been committed to providing businesses and developers with the best erosion control available. We help create stormwater pollution prevention plans and other means to keep your business or development in compliance with standards from federal organizations like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), as well as state and local regulations.

Our commitment ensures that everyone from individual homeowners who are building a new place to live to large developments will not add excess pollution to waterways, and that stormwater is managed in an efficient way to prevent flooding. Now as a DBE, we can take that expertise to the next level by getting state and federal contracts to continue our work in SWPPP and other erosion control. We look forward to these new opportunities to serve our beautiful state.

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