Developers and businesses need a SWPPP to control for these common pollutants.

Our greatest marketing campaign by far has been our SWPPP signs.

I have been trying to convince the powers above me for some time that the way to reach a broader audience is by pushing on the digital front. They seem to be winning this argument; for now. In an industry that is still taking its time jumping into the digital world that still doesn’t seem to be true.

I have revamped the website, created social media accounts, & even tried the email marketing game. None of these have even come close to the results we have seen from our SWPPP signs.

It’s a simple 4’X4′ piece of aluminum that’s required by the Construction General Permit on each project. This is meant to serve the public more than anything by letting them read about what the project is and who they need to complain to! It goes deeper than that though, we are told time and again about how many SWPPP signs people see throughout not only the valley, but the state.

We are currently just under 150 signs throughout the state, and we hope to keep that number growing.

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